There are two kinds of templates. The rubber stamped kind where all the websites look the same(usually rental sites or corporate agent sites provided by their brokerages). There are also a number of real estate formatted basic templates for the DiY crowd, but the customizations are limited.

And then you have foundational templates, which are essentially blank slates. A professional website developer can use these canvasses to build semi-custom websites. These literally have hundreds of thousands of limitless design scenarios which are 100% customizable.

With these foundational design platforms, the days of needing a full custom websites are gone. There was a time, before foundational platforms were developed, if you wanted anything unique, you would have to hire a designer to start from the ground up with only code. Those sites ranged in price from $5,000 to $50,000. There are a few clients that might need a full custom. Large brokerages, franchises, or sites with nationwide searches that require custom programming would be a few. We have teamed up with a major custom developer if that is your need.

Our RealAdvantage sites at $950 are based upon 8 structural advanced templated designs we have with limited customizations. I still call them semi-customs as no two have been exactly alike.

Our RealAdvantage Plus sites starting at $2500 are built on a foundational platform that allows full customizations. We can’t actually call them Full Custom sites because we are not starting with raw code.

The fee you pay for our websites is not a “setup” fee. We are not setting anything up. The fee you pay us is for “site acquisition and build”.

Please note there are companies pitching they build full customs when in fact they are semi-customs.